Purple mountain group: a layer of quality control to create healthy drinking water



Zhangzhou TV shui-li wu: today we're going to walk into the factory believes everyone not unfamiliar, from table pickles to we often drinking fruit and vegetable drinks, must drink water every day, even behind me with such a huge manufacturing factory can find. Yes it is zhangzhou food industry's leading enterprise, the purple mountain group, so today follows the reporter's step to see, how these food is produced.

Purple mountain fujian group is a national key leading enterprise, founded in March 1984, after 30 years of continuous development and innovation, now has 10 subsidiaries and holding companies, total assets of nearly 1 billion yuan, for many years by zhangzhou government named "large taxpayer". The products cover can, pickles, mineral water, fruit and vegetable beverage and so on. Among them, purple mountain mineral water is almost nobody knows. According to national standards, mineral water needs to be thoroughly filtered and disinfected.

Yang ju bin, manager of zhangzhou zishan mineral water co., LTD. : the carbon filter is to absorb some impurities in the spring water. 5 micron filter, a micron filter and 0.22 micron filter, through a few filters to make sure it is the water filter out impurities, achieve aseptic requirements, finally through the ozone mixing tower, proper disinfection, finally to make filling.

Like the impurities in the original water, each product of the purple mountain needs to be screened.

Yang ju bin, manager of zhangzhou zishan mineral water co., LTD. : from the bottle blowing, each bottle is inspected and monitored carefully. The filling process is carried out in a sterile state. We ensure that every bottle is inspected. Before shipment, we also need to have a quality control check on all products.

With the continuous improvement of people's way of life, there is a higher demand for drinking water. In response to the change of the market, the high-end brand of the purple landscape has been born. Far away from the city's hustle and bustle of chengxi factory, the bamboo forests are dense. Zhu leshan spring water source, it is from these bamboo forest conservation.

Yang guobin, manager of zhangzhou zishan mineral water co., LTD. : the bamboo coverage of the whole mountain is over 90%. There is a saying on our side, bamboo spit is called "bamboo spit water", bamboo water is particularly cool, and its alkalinity can neutralize the weak acidity of our body. By drinking our water, we can adjust the ph and achieve a healthy effect.

In the domestic competitive water drink market, purple mountain has always been a stable place, thanks largely to its precise market perception. Business leaders believe that in the future mineral water market, healthy water drinks will be more competitive. Because consumers need not only a bottle of water, but also a healthy lifestyle.

"Water is an ordinary consumer product, and as people's lifestyle changes, the beverage industry has never been more developed," he said. Consumers in a wide variety of products, and gradually clearly identify and choose a health drink, this also means that consumers now buy mineral water, buy is not only a kind of enjoy on the tip of the tongue, but also a healthy lifestyle. I think this is also for many years, the purple mountain mineral water can maintain stable sales in the drinking water market, and become the important reason that xiamen air specified product.


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