Quickening the pace of technical reform to promote the transformation and upgrading of zishan group


Agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise - purple mountain group co., LTD., fujian province, China's canned ten strong enterprises, China's food safety meeting top 50 enterprises, national food industry key enterprises, "national agricultural products deep processing of special engineering demonstration projects unit", "national key link enterprise emergency goods". As well-known trademarks in China, "purple mountain" 2 consecutive terms was rated "fujian famous enterprise name," export code "Q51" is famous in the international market, products are exported to Japan, Korea, Russia, South Africa, Europe and the United States more than 50 countries and regions, such as purple mountain mushrooms canned in Japan has a 60% market share for a long time. Purple mountain can be in the foreign market, especially in Japan, Germany and so on the food quality requirements strict national market recognition is extremely high, represents the Chinese canned image.

Three decades of passionate, 30 years of hard work, the group company has won many awards. As a leading enterprise in the industry, how to maintain a strong market competitiveness and maintain the leading position in an increasingly competitive domestic and international market. Zishan enterprise, in the systematic quality control, refined food safety, as a large and strong industrial chain, enhance the brand comprehensive competitive strength. In recent years, the competition in food industry has become increasingly fierce and food safety incidents have taken place successively, and food safety has become a focus issue of wide public concern. "Purple mountain" has been sticking to "do what food is the conscience", the pass of production, establish and improve the monitoring system, and strengthen quality and safety education and training, and track layer by layer, enhance product traceability management. In order to ensure the quality of products, the group company actively promotes the quality control of the whole process from the field to the workshop to the restaurant, each link is closely linked, and the comprehensive chain control and control is implemented.

In addition to the prison security, the group company is stepping up technical reform to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. To make the mushroom industry chain, enhance the brand influence, to build in huai 'an zishan edible mushroom silicon valley industrial park has begun to take shape. The move marks a step forward for zishan group to enter the market of mushroom fresh market, and to ensure the quality of canned raw materials and to create the brand of the whole industry chain of edible fungi. (zou meiling)



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