American experts: canned food is more nutritious than fresh fruit.



Researchers at the university of California in the United States say eating canned foods correctly can help people eat more beneficial substances than fresh fruit and vegetables.

Experts have studied the ingredients of canned foods on the market and found that some canned foods contain more beneficial trace elements than fresh fruits and vegetables. According to the researchers, fresh fruits and vegetables are just when just picking can provide all kinds of vitamins and minerals to the body, but usually these fruits and vegetables preservation conditions will not be able to keep all of healthy nutrition.

Expert explains, preserved fruits and vegetables is the biggest problem is that they will be oxidized, the oxidation process of damaged one of the useful material, and not appropriate temperature will make the process more serious, such as fresh fruit contain rich vitamin C, if be in the warm environment will soon lose its beneficial composition. In this respect, canned foods do not contain the important elements of fresh fruits and vegetables, but their nutrients do not suffer from oxidative loss.

Experts stress that although canned foods are processed by heat, they do not affect the beneficial ingredients, such as vitamins K, E, A and D.


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