Zishan group reproduces fresh food and nutrition.


We will accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading and expand domestic sales

Zishan group reproduces fresh food and nutrition

"Ask the canal? For the source of fresh water." Purple mountain group 30 anniversary of entrepreneurship in fujian, the new master nourishment - purple mountain, to preserve one's health to appeal to create new taste for fashion, fusion of the traditional formula, through modern technology, introduced a new nourishment, drink series products of Kings - tremella stew and pear.

Tremella autumn pears stewed drink series, using the thin skin wild autumn pear flesh crisp, thou farmland tremella with glittering and translucent and smooth, micro fire simmer, after twelve procedure of extracting pure taste sweet refrigerant, texture and smooth, like liquid lubrication. The bottle is made of PET bottles and tin cans which are shaped by the shape of the pot. It is accompanied by hand-painted bottle stickers popular in the period of the republic of China, and is simple and elegant in appearance and nourishing in the inner temperature. Purple mountain tremella pear to the person conveys a thick mellow fragrance, has certain conditioning and moist protection effect to the body. "Tremella" will be the first brand to cater to the market and the most satisfying demand of today's consumers.

In 2014, the company will continue to speed up the pace of industrial upgrading, and increase the intensity of sale in domestic market development, adhere to "standardize the market, deep channel, enhance the competitiveness of the brand" marketing strategy, further expand the channels to market, to increase the advertising media, motor car, and other media investment, at the same time will start the popular WeChat, microblog marketing. Overall promotion of purple landscape drink product market share and brand competitiveness.

Purple mountain products always adhere to quality as the lifeline, market-oriented, always the pursuit of product excellence, do always focus on the concept of quality food in 30 years has been deeply consumer's mind, practice "to international quality to share with people" promise.




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